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  • Julie Gerhart Houts

Quite the week ...

We had really hoped to update you all a lot sooner this week, but it didn’t go so smoothly. I had an MRI on Monday. Just when we got home, WHAMY, Kate got really sick. And really, sick equaled an appendicitis and appendectomy at Children's Mercy Hospital– poor thing! Needless to say, we are a little exhausted at the Houts home. But so thankful she is starting to feel better!

Also, we were hoping to have more news to report on my cancer. After tele-med visits with three doctors, the official plan is to repeat my scan in four weeks. The options for treatment seem very narrow, but we are praying for direction and something that my body responds to really well!

In the meantime we are so thankful for your amazing support and prayers! We love you all so very much and couldn’t do this without you!



Team Julie



The Houts Family


Thank you so much for checking in!  We are so thankful for your friendship and support.  

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