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  • Julie Gerhart Houts

The Path

This type-A, over cautious, lady learned to snow ski in her 30's ... and it was a struggle!! There were tears, panics and I am certain I didn't enjoy one single run for five years of trying. I pushed through my fears only to be active and be able to ski with Drew and the kids. To face the fear, choosing a PATH down the mountain was KEY and gave me peace to enjoy the scenery.. Thank goodness Drew went ahead a lot and showed me the line!!

Right now in this darn cancer fight, I am struggling and skiing keeps coming to mind. I feel as though I am at the peak of a double black diamond. In the backcountry. And, this time, NO PATH. No line to the bottom. The doctors don't have a set next step plan and I am sitting at the top, praying for the right path down safely.

Over the next weeks, we are trying to chart the path and talk to all the right doctors. My counts are finally up, so we are going to be focused on traveling in person to different hospitals to figure out what is next! We will keep you posted and thanks so much for your prayers! We may be a little MIA as we travel and we will miss you all.

I love the mountains now, but a GREEN is still my speed:)



The Houts Family


Thank you so much for checking in!  We are so thankful for your friendship and support.  

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